It was a normal Sunday morning, armed with Black Kiwi Polish and old pantyhose I begun shining my Crocket & Jones. This was my morning ritual before going to Sunday school. After agreeing to my mischievous suggestion, Lebohang and I departed for the nearest church instead of the one our families belonged to which was a much longer walk away. It was opposite the church that we witnessed an ambush of a Dairy Belle truck. The truck was surrounded. The driver and his passenger were assaulted and thereafter it was a free-for-all. With the dairy truck up in flames, the goal had been scored and everyone dispersed with their acquired dairy products. After having devoured a fair share of Tinkies, Lebohang and I decided to sell the rest. Instead of money, we were offered entrance to the local bioscope that was diagonally opposite the Apostil Church in NY 7. The bioscope was a temporary makeshift tent structure in Ta Zwai’s backyard, onto which a 16mm film was project, and had been in existence since 1985 screening B-grade movies and pornography in the evenings for the “older guys”. Fifty cents was the entrance fee to a screening for the whole afternoon.


3 April 2012, Correction & clarification
I would like to change my contribution as I realized that I could not trust my memory on certain things, so instead here is my contribution:
When I was young my mother told me that my five fingers will never be the same height.