4sho, poet (South Africa)

1. What in your view is a manifesto?
2. If you could state your personal manifesto in a sentence or two how would you express it?
3. What are some of the manifestos that you consider ground-breaking or that are historically significant?
4. What is it about these manifestos that gave them this importance?
5. When looked at in retrospect many manifestos seem limited to their time and era and often their authors have got things very wrong. Is there one that stands out in your mind and why?
6. Are there other ways of writing or more generally other forms of expression that could be interpreted as manifestos?
7. In a world that supposedly has lost its attachment to overarching ideologies, is there still a place for manifestos?
8. What, if any, is a manifesto that had personal significance for your as a cultural worker?
9. Are there any manifestos that you can think of that escape the temptation to make overarching and grand claims?
10. Are there any manifestos that do not present themselves as polemic statements?

1. a declaration or statement be it political, policy or principle
2. cultivate a culture of exploration, experience and expression
3. Black Panther Party and Truism
4. they stand the test of time
5. ANC - they just not working it
6. Statues/Public monuments
7. hmmmm... maybe, if ppl rily understood its significance
8. dnt think i understand this question - care to restructure?
9. let me see, not rily - some might not be grand but still dominate then embrace thing around them
10. most manifestos are born from an oppositional point of view