James Reed, artist (South Africa)

…‘The soul learns less in psychology than in psychologizing….It learns by searching for itself in whatever ideas come to it; it gains ideas by looking for them, by subjectivizing all questions, including the How? To give any direct answer to How?, betrays the activity of soul-making, which proceeds by psychologizing through all literal answers. As it gains ideas by looking for them, the soul loses ideas by putting them into practise in answer to How?’……
(Hillman, J 1989: 54)

I am looking for a method of engagement with the rich value of a dynamic currency which emerges in the world through conversing, listening, caring, and thinking between all living beings.
When the value of this currency can be declared publicly, I can imagine experiencing this as an invitation for all concerned living beings to join into this kind of relationship.
How can this valuable currency, between all living beings, manifest and sustain the full potential of this evolutionary force in these times of ecological crises?

How do we develop a wider personal and philosophical framework that cultivates a deep sense of personal and shared meanings?

How can we begin to realize our full potential as human beings and work as transformers of the materialist thought systems that shape our world?

How do we grow a culture of transforming our mode of consciousness?