Senzeni Marasela, artist (South Africa)

senzen- What does the idea/concept of a manifesto mean to you?

It means that one selects a set of values and principle that will guide their aspirations and visions into the future.

- Is there a specific manifesto that you align to or that has interested/influenced you?

It will probably be the Freedom Charter and Martin Luther’s “I have a dream”. It is interesting to note that we have trekked away from these ideals embodied in both these manifestos as black people.

- Do you have a personal manifesto?

Yes I do! I believe that I do not need to wear my skin as a badge of honour as a black woman. I owe it to myself to rewrite my histories and not to apologise for it. I must be proud of the foundation that has been laid for me by many other black women. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility and privilege to build a strong identity that is not tainted by assumptions of others about who and what I should be.

- Do you think that manifestos still have relevance to society at large or groups of people in the 21st century?

They should have relevance because they give a large group a collective identity and a sense of belonging. In this present day South Africa where identities are either fragmented or denied we need manifestos for a sense of belonging.