I maid de wite bred


I maid de wite bred end it didn't wek out akording 2 de plan.
Must hav had sumtin 2 do wit de ingridients. I used hard red
Montana w'eat dat I did grind by hand insted of de fine wite
flour. De "sponge" did not enlarg as plann'd, nor
did it rise abov de bleck line de second tym 'round wen I
seprated de dough and put it in2 de baking pans.
Wen I baykd de bred, it turned out wit a delicious smell
all threw de house, and it did hav a gr8 flavor -- but
de bred was flat as pancakes. Veri unusual 4 wite bred.
Oh, well, I just brek pieces off de flat lowves and eat dem --
and it tastes gr8.
Rest in Peace!! or is it Pieces?

Sender: Kemang Wa Lehulere