The House of Nsako is a music venue in Brixton's High Street. As one fan described the vibe: "it is a cross between a ganja den, a shebeen, a refuge for leftist intellectuals and afro-nostalgia". Not that these are bad things. There venue hosts a range of musicians from the well known to the unknown. It also hosts film evenings (rather inconsistently). But is a great place to hang out and let your Afro down. The website is a good way to keep track of their events.



We also unashamedly promote writing of overseas family mamebers.

Nana Asfour is an arts-and-culture writer based in New York


I came across this website unexpectedly while surfing the net. I was intrigued by what I read and I've decided without the permission of the author, Zukiswa Wanner, to add her to this list of interesting sites to visit. www.african-writing.com



Gabeba Baderoon apart from being a brilliant, sensitive poet, scholar and author but she is also one of the most truly beautiful human beings you are ever likely to come across. Her is one of the most inspirational places to visit on the net.





This is the blogg of our fellow revolutionary, Bandile Gumbi. She is a brilliant writer and I have enjoyed her posts immensely. Her poetry is thought through and well crafted unlike much of the poetry that I hear whenever I force myself to go to spoken word events.



www.swans.com/                   Ok, we have to do                                www.wsws.org/

www.indymedia.org              something for the few lefties that

www.zmag.org                        survived the collaps              www.marxists.org/

www.thenewpress.com/              of the berlin wall. So here are a few sites

www.newleftreview.org/             that help us remember just what is so fucked up with capitalism and how we can get out of it.         www.broadleft.org/africa.htm











This is one of the few websites dedicated to African art (no not the kind you buy at flea markets and by the side of the road). It provides really good critical discourse on Modern and Contemporary African art.




I have been a fan of Chimurenga ever since I came across it. To a very large extent it inspired me to conspire with my colleagues to get this webzine going. It is certainly one of those rare products of culture that is Africa-centred without being chauvinist about it.



some canonical sites







and a must to visit: more magazines in southern africa:










When I was young and full of hope I    was part of a collective of artists in Durban that made the establishment sit up and take notice. Since then I have sold out to the establishment. Fortunately there are people who remind you of what is still possible. Gugulective is a collective of young artists based in Gugulethu near Cape Town that has shaken up the Cape Town art scene recently. Their achievements are made all the more impressive by the fact that they This is their blog.




It is so cool to see progressive Africans putting their creativity out there.







This is another blog by a fellow revolutionary, who goes by the name of Fouad Asfour (if that is his real name) . In it he tackles the racism in South African art writing or non-writing. Through omission, slander, lack of analysis many so-called critics have tended to belittle the work of black artists and keep raving about white artists.




Apart from the fact that she is such a good friend she produced interesting writing. A professor at Wits University, she is a gender activist, a literary and social critic, a creative writer, historian... shall I go on? This is her blog where you can read some of her writing. And we like her.




There is was sitting on my bed at 1:30 am saying to myself shut down the computer and go to sleep you've got work tomorrow but the conversation between Victor Dlamini and Prof Njabulo Ndebele was just too good. This is one of many interesting interviews with luminaries of the South African literary world that you'll find on this podcast. This is a real find.





This is what community radio should sound like. This is what all radio should be. Whenever I'm in Cape Town on a Sunday evening around 6pm. My ears are glued to Bush Radio.




The Alexandra Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF) is one of those organizations that is pushing contemporary art on the African continent. I am told by Bassam El Baroni, one of the directors of ACAF, that the old studio-based practice is all that you will find in academies in Egypt and that things such as video and performance art are still not considered art. So ACAF is doing something very important in showing these alternative forms of art and holding lectures and seminars.





Bisi Silva is one of Africa's hardest working curators. Instead of contenting herself with jetting around the world where her insights are in high demand she has taken the courageous step of establishing what I suspect is Nigeria's only contemporary arts centre and in the process nurtures a whole generation of emerging Nigerian artists. If you find yourself in Lagos make a pilgrimage to the CCA LAGOS.





Another dude doing similar things this time in Morocco is Abdellah Karroum. He also has a radio station broadcasting from his apartment in Rabat.



NKA journal is simply one of the most informative and interesting journals on Contemporary African art. But after 23 editions you would think that Salah Hassan and the rest of the NKA board could afford to make at least one essay in the previous edition available online for those who cannot afford to purchase the whole edition of NKAs.







This is the blog of one of our dearest friends Dino. Intellect, humour and incisive social commentary are the order of the day. And just because we like her. And even if she 'swims imperfectly'.





All of you who look for some really good and exciting writing, "Kwani?" it is! This magazine offers the most brilliant and edgy texts to read, and we ask all of you who can afford it to go and buy, subscribe, import and export and pass on copies of KWANI!





Another site we recommend to you all:

Pages was started in 2004 by artists Nasrin Tabatabai

and Babak Afrassiabi: a magazine, an ongoing project, a forum for discussion… and issue 7 on “translation” is out just now.





A very interesting project (if I do say so myself) that one of our editors Khwezi Gule was part of.






The South Project, do we need to say more?




Khatt Foundation, Center for Arabic Typography. Advancing Design in the Middle East and North Africa & Building Cross-Cultural Networks.




Thanks to Drew Lindsay for hosting

the Sunday lunches where ever

changing meals are prepared by

celebrities such as DJ Sanza!

Spaza Art Gallery

19 Wilhemina Street


Tel: (011) 614 9354




This is the website of a collaboratively run gallery in Brunswick, Melbourne, which we would like bring to your attention. Since late 2003 it is run by a committee of practising artists (founding members are John Abbate, Damiano Bertoli, Sandra Bridie, Julie Davies, Raafat Ishak, Sean Loughrey, Sally Manall, Tom Nicholson and Alex Rizkalla) using the space to initiate dialogue and experimentation, outside the mainstream of rented and institutional spaces. Apart from members a number of invited artists contribute to the artistic practice, making the art space a place to be, with dinners, exhibitions, and a series of publications.




William Wells is hosting this space in the heart of the old town of Cairo since ancient time, highly respected by the community and internationally, now all together:

"We Love The Townhouse Gallery!"





A recommendation to all of you who happen to visit Turbo Capitalistan, check out this website of Romanian artists maria crista, anca gyemant, rodica tache, who worked toghether as h.arta group since 2001, when they founded h.arta space, a not-for-profit space in Timisoara.





Société Réaliste is a Paris-based cooperative created by Ferenc Gróf and Jean-Baptiste Naudy in June 2004, experimenting with the development of structures of research and economical organisation in fields such as territorial ergonomy, experimental economy, political design and counter-strategies.




GAWLAB est une plate-forme de recherche, de création et d’application sur les produits culturels et technologiques de l’association GAW, basée à Dakar, Sénégal.




A nutty group of Viennese artists and writers make this magazine which is named after the font used for print. Let them eat Sachertorte.





Prelom (Break) is a periodical for images and politics. It consists of two permanent columns: "Ideology and it's Discontents" and "Reading the image".

Since 2001, when magazine is established, it grew up to become a discussion forum of it's kind, those discussions defining, by it's volume, new models of interacting between theory, art and politics in the broader social field.




What, How & for Whom' (WHW) is a non-profit organization formed in 1999 for visual culture and curator's collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. WHW projects encompass different formats of lectures and public discussions conducted by international artists, curators and cultural theoreticians, publications and a book edition on contemporary curatorial practice and cultural theory, radio and Internet broadcasts and interventions, screenings and live acts. Since June, 2003, WHW has been running a city-owned gallery in the centre of Zagreb.





ALERT!! You Will Have Noticed Certain Glaring Omissions In Our List Of Links Notably From the South Africa Art World And That Is Because These Sites Are Administered By The IIPRPs (Ignorant and Intransigent Products of Racial Privilege) !!!