Carlito Manifesto

‘Don’t take me to no hospital please. Fuckin’ emergency rooms don’t save nobody.’
‘Don’t worry. My heart, it don’t ever quit.’
‘I was already a mean little bastard, while my mother was still alive, and I know it.’
‘Favour gonna kill you faster than a bullet.’
‘I know a lot about cars. I’ve been stealing them since I was 14.’
‘After you see this shot, you’re gonna give up your religious beliefs.’


‘You think you’re big time? You’re gonna die big time!’
‘Here comes the pain.’
‘Ain’t no more rackets out here, just a bunch of cowboys ripping each other off.’
‘What a man gotta come to when he loses five years.’
‘I swore I’d never break her heart, but I guess, things happen.’
‘When you’re in the joint, you dope out on who you’re gonna see the first day you’re out. The second. The third. When you’re out....’
‘You don’ get reformed, you just run out of wind.’
‘Maybe I don’t remember the last time I blew my nose.’
‘Dumb move man. Dumb move. But it’s like the old reflexes they keep coming back.’
‘The street is watchin, she is watchin all the time.’
‘Don’t want to burn nobody. Even when I know it should.’
‘You killed us Dave. You killed us.’
‘There’s a line you cross, you don’t ever come back from.’
‘I gotta keep movin.’
‘You get old enough you remember a reason why everybody wants to whack you. You believe ‘em all but you know somebody’s gotta be lyin’. Or mayber they’re all lyin.’
‘When you can’t see all the angles no more, you’re in trouble, baby. You’re in trouble baby.’
‘Never give up your friends, no matter what.’
‘Sorry, boys, all the stitches in the world can’t sew me back together.’
‘Sorry baby, I tried the best I could. Honest.’
‘Don’t worry. My heart, it don’t ever quit.’

From Carlito's Way, Brian de Palma (1993)