Lucky Kunene's Manifesto

lucky1‘I had two heroes, Karl Marx and Al Capone. Al Capone said if you’re gonna steal, steal big. But Karl Marx said all property is theft. I think they’d both be proud of me.’

‘The beginning. Soweto. 1994. Freedom. The New South Africa. A new dawn. A new day. A fresh start, a clean page. A new beginning. And I had dreams.’

‘You eventually decided to join the terrorists ‘cause you couldn’t catch them?’

lucky2‘We’re in the procurement industry. You seen comrade thug is a carjacker.’

‘Hijack is a dirty word. It’s called affirmative repossession.’

‘I may be a communist, but I believe God helps those who help themselves.’

‘Don’t worry, great things have small beginnings.’

lucky3‘I guess I’ll attend the university of life.’

‘Whoever made this flick is a criminal genius.’

‘If mother Russia had taught him Sentex and strategy, Uncle Sam completed that education via correspondence.’

‘In the new South Africa, everyone deserves their entitlement, preferably in this lifetime.’

lucky4‘I decided to quit before I was forced into early retirement.’

‘What you gonna eat? Books?’

‘She’d learnt what we all knew, if you want to get by, take a job where there’s something to steal.’

‘Johannesburg, a city fathered by gold, mothered by money and commandeered by white cruelty and greed.’

lucky5‘Al Capone said you can go a long way with a smile. You can go much further with a smile and gun.’

‘This is the New South Africa. Everybody pays their way.’

‘This is the only country in the world where you have to take shit in 11 official languages.’

‘I think we’ve had enough violence here to last a lifetime.’

lucky6‘I guess when you’re rich, poverty seems glamourous. It’s got a certain charm.’

‘A clever is a person who doesn’t use drugs. A clever is a person who sells drugs to you. Drugs make you think that that you are the clever one. If that’s a clever, it’s too clever for me.’

‘It’s fine to hate us while you sit there on your arses waiting for your entitlement from Mandela. If you think he’s going to come and part the dead sea and lead you to a promised land, you are wrong.’

lucky7‘Just because I’m a darkie, doesn’t mean I have to live in the slums. I’ll live as I choose to live and I fuck who I want to fuck.’

‘All I wanted was a house in Sandton and a Mercedes convertible.’

‘I want to lay charges. It’s my democratic rights.’

‘We can work it out darkie style.’

lucky8‘Behind every fortune is a great crime. The greater the fortune, the greater crime. But I don’t know about that. It seems the only people who say that probably never made one.’

‘After a revolution, comes a new order, but before that, opportunity. After all, wasn’t it PW Botha who said “adapt or die”?’

From: Jerusalema, Ralph Ziman (2008)