DRC Conversation on magazines and Gunshot exhibition


Date: 27 January 2008
Venue: The Afrika Cultural Centre
Time: 3 - 9pm

The Dead Revolutionaries Club
and the Afrika Cultural Centre present:

Cultural Magazines: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In conversation: Bandile Gumbi, Dina Ligaga, Fouad Asfour and
Mocke van Vuuren

With music from the 4-member acapella group The Soil

Gunshot Show features South African artists Sharlene Khan, Amos Letsoalo, Bev Price, Charlayn von Solms, Johan Thom, Graeme Williams, and herself. The title of the show came about as the works were shown only on the day of the opening in Johannesburg and then at Biba Gallery, Smithfield. Its central idea was formulated while loading the art works into the car.
What do we expect to see in such a show other than Dogs, Bottles, and Horses? The selected works include Johan Thom's shattered Coca-Cola Molotov Cocktail Bottle entitled “the ok revolution” (2007); Claudia Shneider's series of water colour works "Sculpture, Grotte d.C. 17.8.07" and "Dark Horse" (both 2007); Graeme Williams' b/w photographic series "Nicaraguan Horsemen" (2003) and "Tow Dogs" (2000); Bev Price's otherworldly insects, lingering in small patches of meadow; conceptual drawings and geometric explorations by Charlayn von Solms; Sharlene Khan has embroidered interviews with Street Vendors she painted, this way opening another reading of metropolitan reality; Amos Letsoalo’s paintings can be read as abstractions of Limpopo landscapes, and how the secret life of everyday objects inhabit these spacious backdrops.