Kwani? Nr. 5 in bookstores now

KwaniDouble issue Kwani? Nr. 5 examines Kenya in the context and violent aftermath of its 2007 elections is available in bookstores now.

In Part 1 ‘Beyond the Vote: Maps and Journeys’ and Part 2 ‘Beyond the Vote: Revelations and Conversations’ over 50 writers, photographers, poets, cartoonists provide a collective narrative on what we were before, and what we became, during the epochal first 100 days of 2008.

In the first week of November 2007, Kwani Trust held a series of creative nonfiction workshops to discuss and reinforce elements of storytelling in reporting the Kenyan elections of 2007. A group of journalists and writers unpublished in Kwani? were invited. In addition to the extended creative non-fiction produced in the workshop, Kwani? collected enough essays and analyses, creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry photographs, cartoons and illustrations, sms’s and posters to fill two volumes.

Kwani? 5 was presented by editor Billy Kahora on 10 March during the Times of the Writer Festival in Durban (9–14 March 1009).