I maid de wite bred


I maid de wite bred end it didn't wek out akording 2 de plan.
Must hav had sumtin 2 do wit de ingridients. I used hard red
Montana w'eat dat I did grind by hand insted of de fine wite
flour. De "sponge" did not enlarg as plann'd, nor
did it rise abov de bleck line de second tym 'round wen I

Bassam El Baroni, curator (Egypt)

bassam>> What does the idea of a manifesto mean to you?

Ice-Cream Sundays

My father came from Newcastle, where his ancestors were indentured Indians who worked on the coal mines there. My mother was the daughter of an enterprising woman who, at the urging of her brothers, moved from Durban to Ladysmith in the 1950s to take care of their banana depot.


My parents told me that I have always been creative. But this creativity started as a coping mechanism when I was younger, specifically from the age of three.

Childhood Memory: When I apparently got "lost"

While I was still in Limpopo, I used to see my grandmother get on the bus to work in the morning and got off the bus in the evening from work. I got curious about what happens on the bus.

A Sleepless Daughter

Growing-up without a father…

Richard Molefe was an Artist

Richard Molefe was an artist.

I do not know how to let go because I was once 14 years old and in STD 7

A Confession in 3 parts

1. Making burgers at home
I have not tried hard enough
If I had the right ingredients I know I will get it just right
With the right patty
Buns instead of bread
I can also make a Wimpy burger


When I grow up
I will have the right tools for the right things

A lesbian's lament

My heart is broken. I have lost an old friend. From now on, life will be something less. Sade's song laments in the background: "I'm the king of sorrow, oooo".


One Sunday afternoon in June of 1993, while we were at home and my mother’s brother-in-law talked about his car-dealership the phone suddenly rang. My dad came stumbling into the living room with a ghost like expression on his face – my aunt had phoned to let us know that my grandfather (my mom’s father) had passed away.