Saul Judd, artist and curator (Germany)

saulin my view, the first expression of a human manifesto we can observe is the screaming of an angry little child for not getting enough love, food or playtime. having said that, i can say that we are bound to live our lives based on inner manifestos, whether we want to or not. whether we manage to externalize this is another story entirely.

Judy Freya Sibayan, artist, editor Ctrl+P magazine (Manila)


A Prayer Piece for the Survival of Art and Artists
in the Face of Culture under Constant Threat
of Disintegrating into MereCommodities

On the premise that money re-codes everything,
we pray that artists remain:
Artist most steadfast
(Response: For them we pray)

Ricarda Denzer (Vienna)

Aufzeichnungen 2_1-72.jpg

Notizen / Notes
I have a hard time (unfortunately) writing, therefore I am not going to write a manifesto. But I would like to contribute something to your Webzine. Maybe you can find something on my website, and I'd be glad if you could send the questionnaire, I could develop something for it, maybe not in form of a written text.

h.arta group (Romania)


To-do list
(a manifesto in progress) by h.arta group

Alfian Sa’at, writer, poet, playwrite (Singapore)

Singapore You Are Not My Country
(For Noora)

Singapore you are not my country.
Singapore you are not a country at all.
You are surprising Singapore, statistics-starved Singapore, soulful Singapore of tourist
brochures in Japanese and hourglass kebayas.
You protest, but without picketing, without rioting, without Catherine Lim,

Senzeni Marasela, artist (South Africa)

senzen- What does the idea/concept of a manifesto mean to you?

It means that one selects a set of values and principle that will guide their aspirations and visions into the future.

- Is there a specific manifesto that you align to or that has interested/influenced you?

Stephanie Radok, editor Artlink magazine (New Zealand)



I think of manifestos as being about passion and exhortation, a call to arms.
I collect them. I write them. I remember them. Sometimes I act on them.

You have nothing to lose but your chains
Marx and Engels

Go in a friendly manner
Go with an open speech
Be eager to find new evils and new good
Be against all forms of oppression

Maina wa Mutonya, academic (Kenya, South Africa)

A manifesto should be one’s moral compass in life. However, people blunder by trying to force their manifestos about life on others. This is one particular reason that I don’t listen to (de)motivational speakers. Within a broader context, manifestoes are just political tools with serious designs of flouting them, not following them at all.

Veronique Tadjo, academic/artist/writer (Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa)

tadjo- What does the idea/concept of a manifesto mean to you?
When I think of a manifesto, I see a group of like-minded people getting together to draw up ideas and beliefs on a burning issue. It usually contains a protest element in it.

- Is there a specific manifesto that you align to?

Magdalena Moreno, Director South Project (Chile, Australia)

moreno • The idea/concept of a manifesto is like a double edged sword for me. On the one hand, the ability to articulate a particular belief, manifest a collective urgency is something that I find is an inspiring and uplifting moment of collective and public action and conviction.