History in epic proportions

epic: long poem narrating the adventures or deeds of one or more heroic or legendary figures.

Thami Mnyele at JAG, 12 December 2007 – 31 March 2008

"Arte inVisible" at ARCO, Madrid 11 – 16 February 2009

Installation views Arte inVisible

YELLOWMAN, Market Theatre 14 January – 1 March 2009

 yellowman Watching the play Yellowman at the Market Theatre earlier this year, I was reminded of Njabulo Ndebele's novella Fools (1983).

Mahmoud Darwish (13 March 1941 – 9 August 2008)


يطفو المرء حين يقرأه. يضحي إنساناً أسمى. لا لأنه مقاوم، وإنما لأنه شاعر. شاعر يرى الإنسان بوضوح، ويمضي في أكثر من بعدٍ زمنيّ. يخبر عن الحاضر وهو يرويه ماضياً. يتجاور "الآن" و"البعد حين" في شعره. فهو يقف في موقعٍ من الزمن يقف فيه وحده. يشرف وينفعل.

CAPE 09 steaming ahead to take place from 2 May - 19 June 2009

Titled Convergence, this year’s exhibition is about life today: the people, the connections and networks they make up. With art projects ranging from explorations into Brenda Fassie’s roots to interventions on transport routes in the city, a focus on our shared African roots, reading roots and even some root vegetables.

Joburg Art Fair 3 – 5 April 2009

Curator Michket Krifa (Tunisia, France) will speak about the Bamako Encounters (Rencontres de Bamako. 8 eme Biennale Africaine de la Photographie, 7 novembre-7 décembre 2009).

Sunday, 5 April at 15.30h
at the Sandton Convention Centre


For Prof. Es’kia Mphahlele (17 December 1919 – 27 October 2008)

eskia mphahlele I once sat at an inaugural lecture and cringed with horror, as someone paid tribute to the chief celebrant, by noting that this scholar had "risen beyond being an African philosopher" or something to that effect.

Bernie Mac (5 October 1957 – 9 August 2008)

bernie mac On the 9th of August 2008, Bernie Mac (Bernard Jeffrey McCullough) passed away due to complications from pneumonia. Mac was well known for his stand-up comedy, especially as part of The Original Kings of Comedy routines (the other ‘kings’ were Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and D.L Hughley). Bernie Mac’s own successful The Bernie Mac show ran in the US from 2001 to 2006 and earned him two Emmy Award nominations.