Isaac Hayes (20 August 1942 – 10 August 2008)

Isaac Hayes It was the era of bold black masculinity, the age of Blaxploitation. When musicians were not scared to have big bushy beards, wear silly clothes. You can just imagine what fashion magazines would say now if NE-YO or Chris Brown showed up with a full unshaven beard.

Battle of Gugulethu Vol. 2

BattlegugulethuThere is something to be said about language. And even though one might speak of the Spaza movement as one that still smells of breast milk, it has fast grown and gained a lot of street credibility. Well of course it depends which streets we are talking about?

Mandla Langa: The Lost Colours of the Chameleon (Picador 2008)

chameleon When I attended the reading of The Lost Colours of the Chameleon by Mandla Langa at Xarra Books in November last year the author read from a passage where two of the protagonists in the novel get into a fist fight.

Gabisile Nkosi (4 February 1974 – 26 May 2008)

gabi nkosi I can’t quite remember when I officially met Gabi Nkosi in Durban, but we met on and off in the art scene during the later 90s. One only had to know Gabi for a few minutes to be convinced that she was a really nice person. It was only on a residency at Caversham Press in 2002, where she worked as a studio assistant, that I got acquainted with her much more.

Poetry manifesto

I do not seem to understand the competing thoughts that have been part of my mental visions, that are recreating my reality, prone to fight changes that govern my choices.
Am I to move away from the positive vibrations that bring smiles to those I believe I love, to disown the I in my speech and thought.

An afternoon with bell hooks


Esikhaleni – Spatial Practices

The Dead Revolutionaries Club
in association with Claudia Shneider and the Afrika Cultural Centre presents:

Esikhaleni – Spatial Practices

DRC Conversation on magazines and Gunshot exhibition


Date: 27 January 2008
Venue: The Afrika Cultural Centre
Time: 3 - 9pm

The Dead Revolutionaries Club
and the Afrika Cultural Centre present:

Cultural Magazines: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

In conversation: Bandile Gumbi, Dina Ligaga, Fouad Asfour and
Mocke van Vuuren

DRC Conversation: Bridging the Divide Between Anglophone and Francophone Africa


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