FAQ on Precast Walling

Precast Walling Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I work with you?

Precast Walling Johannesburg has been established in 1985 and we have provided all customers with reliable services ever since. We only specialize in the maufacturing and installation of all types of concrete walling products and this means that we don’t work any other line of business that is different from our core business of providing quality precast walling products.

What is so different about precast walling?

Precast walling is maufactured before you can install it. We manufacture it in a controlled environment in our factory and then we install it after you are happy with the final product.

How long has precast walling been used?

Precast walling has been used in Johannesburg for over 50 years. There is no suburb in and around that does not have a precast walling installed. This is evident of precast walling benefits as its use all expands beyond the city to be seen all over the country.

Why use precast walling instead of traditional systems of building with brick and cement?

Precast walling will save you a lot of money and it has been shown to cut costs up to 50%. This also adds to it saving you time because all you have to do is install it without any other job requirements and it will not cause your home or business to be untidy during installation.

How fast will you install my precast walling?

Precast walling provides the fastest installation possible because there is no time needed for the foundation to cure, no labour work done onsite etc. Involved. Our team of installers can install 25 meter to 50 meters per day of precast walling.